2014 – 2015 Accomplishments


  • We raised close to $1600 thru various fundraising efforts such as raffles and hosted dinners.
  • We were also able to support the Academy in their fundraising efforts by volunteering during several events (car wash, haunted house, Ford Drive One for Your School).
  • We collected close to $2500 worth of gift certificates/coupons from local businesses
  • We staffed AITR booths and our own Daytona Robotics booths at several community events such as Port Orange Family Days, Port Orange Spring Fair School and Business Expo and the Balloon & SkyFest in New Smyrna Beach.
  • We were able to purchase lunches and dinners for the robotics team at the Ft Lauderdale and Orlando Tournaments.
  • Provided start up pizzas for the Academy’s Haunted House.
  • Provided hotdogs, buns and water for the Academy’s Field Day event.
  • Provided funding to offset the cost for the Senior Banquet.
  • Created parent board website to help with our communications and fundraising efforts.